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The Town of Avon has free public parking supported by free bus service, which provide residents and guests with access to Avon's vibrant retail and restaurant commercial core, Recreation Center, Library, Nottingham Park and Beaver Creek Resort. In Avon, you can park once and walk, bike or ride the bus to your destination.

Welcome to Avon, Colorado!

Face Coverings Required to Ride Avon Transit

In compliance with the July 17, 2020 State and County Health Orders, all passengers must follow the below guidelines: 

  • Wear a face covering over the nose and mouth while using or waiting for the bus (face coverings are not required for persons under two years of age)
  • If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a face covering, please contact Avon Transit for alternate arrangements.
  • Board the bus from the back door only to reduce driver exposure
  • Practice social distancing by sitting as far as possible from other passenger groups
Drivers may limit the number of passengers on board to comply with social distancing guidelines. For more information visit, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for guidelines and How to make a face covering at home

Please contact the Avon Mobility Department at or (970) 748-4120 if you have any questions.

  1. Walk.
  2. Ride.
  3. Park.

Main Street Mall-1 Photo Zach Mahone
Avon's vibrant commercial core is best seen by foot! There are miles of hard-surface trails perfect for walking or biking, and the Main Street Mall is a pedestrian-only street running east-to-west and connecting Avon Road to Nottingham Park.  The Town of Avon has taken its next significant action in bringing walkability, bike safety, and parking and streetscape improvements to the Town core when it implemented a new test traffic pattern on East and West Beaver Creek Boulevard, from Lake Street to Beaver Creek Place during the summer of 2016. Monitoring the use of the street has given valuable information to Town officials as they determine the future of the corridor. The changes are aimed at testing the Town Council’s vision to create a more complete transportation system, demonstrating bicycle treatments that have the potential to increase safety and usability for all travelers.

Around Town Walk Times

  • City Market to Nottingham Park | 10 minutes
  • Post Office to Westin Riverfront Hotel | 6 minutes
  • Westin Riverfront Hotel to Avon Station | 1 minute
  • Nottingham Park to Westin Riverfront Hotel | 4 minutes
  • Avon Recreation Center to Avon Station | 4 minutes
1-20-17 Avon Parking Map