2018 Special Event Policies


The Ad Hoc Special Events Committee (AHSEC) must approve event dates for organizations and individuals that receive town funds or use town facilities. AHSEC will endeavor to treat all event applicants in a fair and equitable manner with regards to calendar date allocations. AHSEC will consider the value to the community, potential for economic development, effect on existing events, ability of a new applicant to organize an event, and past performance of an existing event.

Applications for AHSEC Calendar dates and funding in 2019 will be available June 11, 2018 and must be received by the Special Events Department office no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 17, 2018, for consideration for the 2019 AHSEC Calendar. Applicant presentations will be scheduled for September 4, 2018 in Council Chambers of Town Hall. Applications not received by the August 17, 2018 deadline will be reviewed at a subsequent AHSEC meeting, although, date availability and funding is not guaranteed and priorities may be determined at the August meeting. For further information and 2019 application materials please the 2019 Event Funding and Date Application tab or click here

If approved by the AHSEC, the Special Events department will issue a Special Events contract or permit for the event.

The 2018 AHSEC calendar is available here for download.


If applying for a 2018 Special Event permit with no funding requests please fill out the 2018 Special Event Permit. The 2018 Special Event Permit is available here for download.


The Town of Avon requires that any event occurring on town property (i.e., Harry A. Nottingham Park, Possibilities Plaza, Lake Street, Town Hall, etc.) must provide proof of adequate general liability insurance coverage to the Special Events Department for all dates that public property is used, including setup and cleanup dates. Specific insurance requirements will be outlined in Special Events contract or permit.


Event producer(s) shall be solely responsible for identifying a local non-profit to acquire a Special Event Liquor Permit for the event, and is asked to consider one or more of the local non-profits as the Liquor Permit applicant. A list of local non-profits is available here for download. The Colorado Special Event Liquor Permit is available here


Organizations wishing to erect a temporary banner across Avon Road announcing a regional event must be on the AHSEC Calendar and complete a banner application. The bridge banner application is available here for download

Organizations wishing to erect temporary pole banners lining roundabouts announcing a regional event must on the AHSEC Calendar and complete a banner application.

The pole banner application is available here for download.


Special events may vend at their approved premise, but must meet the following requirements:

  • Business license: Event producer(s) agree to obtain a Town of Avon business license. There is a fee assessed for the license. The Business License, and instructions, can be found at www.avon.org, “Business License” button, located under the Finance tab at the top of the screen.  
  • Sales tax collection: Event producer(s) shall register for a Sales Tax License with the Tow of Avon; there is not a fee assessed for this license. The Sales Tax License, and instructions, can be found at www.avon.org, “On-Line Payments” button, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • County health standards and permitting: for food handling and serving all local and state regulations must be adhered to. Please contact the County of Environmental Health at 970-328-8755. VENDING WITHOUT A PERMIT IS ILLEGAL ANYTIME OF THE YEAR. USE OF TOWN FACILITIES WITHOUT A PERMIT IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.


Event producer(s) utilizing ANY amplified sound must apply for Outdoor Use of Amplified Sound System at least sixty (60) days prior to the first day of the event.

The amplified sound permit is available for download here.