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Smoke-Free Avon
Smoking OrdinanceSmoke Free Avon.jpg
What it is:
In 2005, the Avon Town Council passed a law prohibiting smoking in certain places in order to protect public health and welfare in public places and places of employment; to guarantee the right to breathe smoke-free air; and to recognize that the need to breathe smoke-free air shall have the priority over the desire to smoke.

How it works:
Smoking is prohibited within a 25 feet perimeter of any entrance, passageway, operable window, ventilation system or other opening of an enclosed smoke-free area.
  • Examples of places where smoking is not permitted within a 25’ perimeter:Bars, restaurants, patios, decks, outdoor seating areas, outdoor recreation areas, soccer fields, ball fields, playgrounds, grandstands, public restrooms, public meeting rooms, grocery stores, convenience stores, private offices, places of employment, employee lounges, hallways, lobbies, elevators, common areas, and public places.
  • Examples of places where smoking is permitted: private residences unless used as childcare, adult care, or healthcare facilities, 10% of guest lodging rooms, private clubs that have no employees, outdoor uncovered parking lots for upper levels of parking garages in compliance with the 25-foot perimeter rule, and retail tobacco stores.

The state of Colorado is also smoke-free, but only dictates a 15 feet perimeter.The Avon law supersedes the Colorado law because part of the Colorado law indicates that local municipalities may adopt more restrictive laws.Unincorporated areas of Eagle County also follow the same laws as Avon.For more information on Eagle County’s Smoking Ordinance visit

If you are a smoker and would like to quit, there are resources available to assist you.Please contact Colorado Quitline at 1-800-639-QUIT (7848) or log onto