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Be Bear Aware

Bear Safety PSA from Eagle County ecotv18 on Vimeo.

The Avon Town Council passed a law in 2004 to protect wildlife.This important piece of legislation is in response to what is seen as a growing number of bear encounters with humans and to prevent human refuse from becoming a staple in wildlife diets. The main provision of the law revolves around trash containers and when they may be placed curbside for pickup.

Secure Trash Containers
Wildlife Resistant
Fully enclosed metal or plastic container or dumpster with a metal or plastic lid.The lid must have a latching mechanism which prevents access to the contents by wildlife.

Wildlife Proof
Any refuse container which has been certified to be wildlife-proof by the CO Division of Wildlife, the U.S. Park Service or the U.S. Forest Service.The container must be secured by a mechanical latching devise; any container not so secured shall not be deemed wildlife proof.

Regular refuse containers may be placed curbside at 6:00 a.m. or after the morning of pickup. Wildlife-resistant and wildlife-proof containers may be placed curbside 6:00 a.m. the day before pickup.

All containers must be re-secured in an appropriate manner before the end of the same day.Regular containers must be kept within a fully enclosed and secured structure.

All containers must be labeled with address and unit designation permanently affixed and clearly visible.

Secure Bird Feeders
Between April 15th and November 15th, all bird feeders must be suspended on a cable or other device so that they are inaccessible to wildlife, and the area below the feeders must be kept free from the accumulation of seed debris.

Additional Measures
  • Keeping doors and windows closed and locked; bears have been known to walk into homes
  • Remove tree limbs that might provide access by a climbing bear to upper level decks and windows
  • Remove wildlife attractants like dog food
  • Burn food off from barbeque grills and clean the grill after each use
  • Do not leave food, trash, coolers, or air fresheners outdoors or in your vehicle
  • It is also recommended that dogs and cats be kept indoors unless the pet owner is with their pet outside.